Forthcoming presentations

20th to 22nd October 2017
I've got my Family Finder results what do I do next?
Genetic Genealogy Ireland/Back To Our Past
RDS, Dublin

11th November 2017
Tracing the Devon diaspora through DNA
West Country Wanderings Seminar (Joint meeting of the Devon Family History Society and the Devon branch of the Guild of One-Name Studies)
Teign Heritage Centre
Teignmouth, Devon

30th November 2017
The applications of genetics and DNA testing for family history
Society of Genealogists
6-8 pm

10th January 2018
Woking U3A Genealogy Group
Getting started with DNA
Parkview Centre
2-4 pm

11th January 2018
The Joy of Surnames
West Surrey Family History Society
Woking branch

27th January 2018
DNA demystified: understanding Y-DNA, mtDNA and autosomal DNA
A half-day workshop
Society of Genealogists

16th to 17th February 2018
Details to be confirmed
Genetic Genealogy Ireland/Back to Our Past
Titanic Centre, Belfast

17th March 2018
Social Media and Family History
London Yorkshire Genealogy Group
Society of Genealogists

14th September 2018
DNA talk. Details to be confirmed
Peak District Family History Event
Buxton, Derbyshire

Past presentations


27th June 2017
Panellist at Workshop on Personal Genetic Testing: Challenges, Pitfalls and Benefits in and Beyond the Clinic
UCL Anthropology Department, 14 Taviton Street, London

8th to 11th June 2017
DNA Day and the SCGS Jamboree
Burbank, California, USA

6th to 8th April 2017
Autosomal DNA demystified
Who Do You Think You Are? Live
NEC, Birmingham

31st March 2017
DNA for Beginners
Port and Starboard - Guild of One-Name Studies Conference and AGM 2017
Macdonald Botley Park Hotel, Boorley Green, Southampton

18th March 2017
DNA and family history
London Group of Yorkshire Family History Societies
The Society of Genealogists, London

11th February 2017
Social media for one-name studies
Guild of One-Name Studies New Members' Seminar
Bearley Village Hall, near Stratford on Avon.


22nd October 2016
The future of autosomal DNA
Genetic Genealogy Ireland
RDS, Dublin

17th September 2016
Workshop session: DNA demystified
AGRA conference "Demolishing brick walls"
For further details see: http://agraconference.com

13th August 2016
Promoting your Y project
Guild of One-Name Studies DNA Seminar
Star Centre, Ullenwood, Gloucestershire

14th July 2016
DNA for beginners
Hampshire Genealogical Society
United Reform Church Hall, Kings Road, Fleet

30th June 2016
Summer Institute of Genealogical Studies - Practical applications of genetic genealogy
University of Strathclyde
I will be teaching a full-day session on 30th June covering autosomal DNA (cousin matching, third-party tools and admixture) and mitochondrial DNA

24th June 2016 
6.00 pm
DNA for beginners
East London Family History Society, Bishopsgate Branch
Bishopsgate Institute, near to the Bishopsgate entrance to Liverpool Street Station

20th June 2016
Berkshire Family History Society, Abingdon

11th June 2016
DNA lecture day
Pudsey, Yorkshire
Organised by Your Fair Ladies
For details see the Your Fair Ladies website

1st June 2016
Jewish DNA evening
DNA cousins reunited: genetic genealogy for beginners
Jewish DNA evening - a joint meeting of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain and the Guild of One-Name Studies
Delancey Theatre
Camden Town

14th May 2016
An introduction to DNA testing
The Clifford Association's annual event
Charlecote Pheasant Hotel

24th April 2016
DNA matching: what does it mean for donor families?
Donor Conception Network conference
Finsbury Park, London N4

16th April 2016
DNA for beginners
London Cornish Family History Day
Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
235 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WC2H 8EP

7th to 9th April 2016
DNA lectures in DNA workshop
Who Do You Think You Are? Live
NEC, Birmingham
Two talks: DNA demystified - a beginners' guide to genetic genealogy and Understanding autosomal DNA - the pleasures and the pitfalls


14th November 2015
DNA for beginners - a half-day workshop
Venue: Society of Genealogists, London

18th November 2015
DNA and family history: the basics
Berkshire Family History Society, Computer Branch, Woodley

21st November 2015
Hertfordshire Family History Society, Stevenage

9th to 11th October 2015
Two talks: DNA for beginners and autosomal DNA testing

3rd October 2015
DNA for beginners
London branch of Birmingham and West Midlands Family History Society
Venue: Society of Genealogists, London

12th September 2015
DNA for beginners
Venue: Exeter Mint Church, Fore Street, Exeter, Devon
A PDF of the slides from this presentation is available in the members' area of the DFHS website.

13th May 2015
Berkshire Family History Society, Newbury branch

16th-18th April 2015
Three presentations:
16th April Society of Genealogists Workshop: The joy of surnames
(handout available on the Society of Genealogists' website)
17th April DNA workshop: DNA testing for beginners (Recording available here)
18th April DNA workshop: I've got my autosomal DNA results now what do I do?
(Recording available here)

28th March 2015
Blogs - what are available? Should I create my own? (interactive session)

16th to 21st March 2015
Three presentations:
- 16th March: DNA testing for beginners
- 17th March: I've got my Family Finder results now what do I do?
- 18th March: I've got my Y-DNA and mtDNA results but now what do I do?

17th to 19th October 2014
Genetic Genealogy Ireland, RDS, Dublin
18th October: DNA testing for beginners (recording available here)

19th to 21st September 2014
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa Conference
Four presentations:
19th September: I’ve got my DNA results, but what do I do next? Part 1: Y-DNA and mtDNA. Part 2: Autosomal DNA (workshop session)
20th September: Running a successful surname DNA project
20th September: Tips and techniques for analyzing autosomal DNA results
21st September: The joy of surnames (plenary session)

30th August 2014
DNA testing for beginners
"Dig for the Past, Look to the Future", Essex Society for Family History Conference, Basildon, Essex

25th June 2014
DNA for beginners
University of the Third Age, Wokingham, Berkshire

8th May 2014
DNA testing for family historians
Hampshire Genealogical Society, Andover branch

March 2014
Genealogy in the Sunshine, Rocha Brava, Portugal
Two presentations:
- 19th March: DNA demystified: understanding Y-DNA and mtDNA
- 20th March: DNA demystified: understanding autosomal DNA

20th to 22nd February 2014
- 20th February:  DNA for beginners: the three tests (Recording available here)
- 21st February: Chromosomes, conquerors and castles: DNA testing and the CruiseCruse/Cruwys one-name study

21st October 2013
Social networking for genealogists
Berkshire Family History Society, Abingdon branch

18th to 20th October 2013
Genetic Genealogy Ireland, RDS, Dublin
Two presentations:
- 18th October: Chromosomes, conquerors and castles: DNA testing and the Cruise/Cruse/Cruwys one-name study (recording available here)
- 19th October: DNA for beginners (recording available here)

2nd October 2013
DNA for beginners
West Surrey Family History Society, Guildford

6th September 2013
Guild of One-Name Studies Regional Meeting, Ealing, London, co-hosted with Maurice Gleeson
How to set up and run a DNA project:
- The matching process, SNP testing and haplogroups (Recording available on the Guild's YouTube channel)
- Marketing and recruitment (Recording on the Guild's YouTube channel)

10th August 2013
Using social media to your advantage in a one-name study
Guild of One-Name Studies Art of One-Name Studies Seminar, Amersham, Buckinghamshire

7th April 2013
The power of social networking: genealogy in the 21st century
Guild of One-Name Studies Conference, Cardiff

22nd to 24th February 2013
DNA for beginners: the different tests

9th February 2013
DNA: the future

1st December 2012
The power of social networking: genealogy in the 21st century
Guild of One-Name Studies and Federation of Family History Societies joint seminar "Why be a society in the 21st century?", Gaydon, Warwickshire

8th November 2012
DNA and family history
West Surrey Family History Society, Woking

14th August 2012
The Facebook generation: social networking for genealogists
Buckinghamshire Family History Society, Bourne End branch

21st March 2012
Social networking for genealogists
Berkshire Family History Society, Computer Branch, Woodley

12th November 2011
Ancestral research through DNA
Families in British India Society, London

12th July 2011
DNA and family history
Buckinghamshire Family History Society, Bourne End branch

20th  February 2010
- Cruwys/Cruse one-name study and DNA project
- Marketing and promoting a DNA project

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